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1. General Information

1.1 Objectives:
The objectives of the consortium are: 1) matching new ideas and solutions to society’s needs regarding wireless power transmission (WPT) technologies, particularly with regards to microwave power transmission (MPT), and 2) accelerating the development of practical applications of WPT. To achieve these objectives, the WiPoT shares information about not only technology, but also standardization, safety, and user needs. The consortium also advertises WPT technologies, including MPT, throughout the world.

1.2. Merits for Members and Activities:

  • Members will compile a portfolio of their WPT technologies and make it available to the public.
  • Members can attend the closed symposium for business matching, which is held three times per year. The symposium provides members with opportunities to introduce their technologies and share their needs, as well as ask questions about WPT.
  • Members can participate in discussions about WPT with government officials.
  • Members can join the consortium’s working group activities.
  • Members can obtain up-to-date technical information about WPT throughout the world via the symposia or through the consortium’s e-mail newsletters.
  • Members can have technical discussions about both the needs of industry and society and new technologies and solutions, and give feedback to domestic and international authorities engaged in the standardization of WPT.

1.3. Company members : 29, University members : 42, and Institute members : 3 (October 1, 2016)

1.4. Established on April 1, 2013

1.5. Member fee : 250,000 yen / year (company), free (university)

2. WiPoT Members (April 1, 2017)

Category Company/Institution
Chair Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto University)
Organzer Kajima Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
OMRON Corporation
Sho Engineering Corp.
Azbil Corporation
E&C Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
JSR Corporation
Kansai Denshi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Laser Systems Inc.
MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
Orient Microwave Corp.
ORIX Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic System Networks R&D Lab. Co., Ltd.
TKR Corporation
+ 2 companies
Institution Japan Space Systems
Kyoto Prefecture
The University of Electro-Communications

3. Working Group Activities

WG1 : Wide Beam, Energy Harvesting and Weak Power
WG2 : Narrow Beam and High Power (Electric Vehicle and Space Application)
WG3 : WPT in Closed Area
WG4 : Application Research
WG5 : Safety, Legal System Reform and Standardization

We consider that microwave power transmission can be base technology of all wireless power transmission.

  1. Microwave Power Transmission
    • Long History from 1980s in Japan
    • High Efficiency Microwave Power Amplifier and Wideband Gap Semiconductor Technologies
    • Rectenna Researches from 1980s in Japan
    • MPT with Higher Frequency (Millimeter Wave Power Transmission)
    • 2-D Wireless Communication and MPT
  2. Resonance Coupling and Inductive Coupling WPT
    • BPF and di-electric resonator technologies in microwave
    • Impedance Matching Technologies
    • Concept of 0 Ohm Circuit Born in Japan
    • Mass Products of Electric Field Resonance Coupling WPT in Japan

WiPoT aims practical applications of not only MPT but also WPT.

Our Dream : Wireless Power Society Supported by WiPoT

Our Dream : Wireless Power Society Supported by WiPoT