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査読付き学術論文 国際


Author Title Journal Vol No Pages Month Year
Tadashi Takano, Takehiro Imura, Midori Okumura A partially driven array antenna backed by a  reflector with a reduction in the number of driven  elements by up to 67% Trans. of Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers E96-B 11 in press 11 2013
Tadashi Takano Wireless power transfer from space to the earth E96-C 10 in press 10 2013
T. Sakamoto, Y. Ushijima, E. Nishiyama, M. Aikawa, and I. Toyoda 5.8-GHz Series/Parallel Connected Rectenna Array Using Expandable Differential Rectenna Units IEEE Trans. Antennas & Propag. 61 9 4872-4875 9 2013
Y. Ushijima, T. Sakamoto, E. Nishiyama, M. Aikawa, and I. Toyoda 5.8-GHz Integrated Differential Rectenna Unit using Both-Sided MIC Technology with Design Flexibility IEEE Trans. Antennas & Propag. 61 6 3357-3360 6 2013
K. Tashiro, G. Hattori and H. Wakiwaka Magnetic flux concentration methods for magnetic energy harvesting module EPJ Web of Conferences 40 06011 1 2013
K. Tashiro, H. Wakiwaka and Y. Uchiyama Theoretical design of energy harvesting module or wireless power transmission receiver using magnetic field of 0.2 mT at 60 Hz Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 7 740-745 2013
Junji Miyakoshi Cellular and Molecular Responses to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Proceedings of the IEEE 101 1494-1502 2013
Masayoshi Koizumi, Kimiya Komurasaki, Yoshihiro Mizuno, and Yoshihiro Arakawa Wireless Power Feeding with Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonance for a Flying Object Wireless Engineering and Technology 3 86-89 2012
K. Tashiro, H. Wakiwaka and Y. Uchiyama Consideration of array module design for energy harvesting of power-line magnetic noise Materials Science Forum 721 191-198 6 2012
K. Tashiro, H. Wakiwaka and Y. Uchiyama Loss measurement in power conditioning module for power-line magnetic noise energy harvesting device Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 20 2 440-445 2012
K. Tashiro, H. Wakiwaka, S. Inoue, and Y. Uchiyama Energy Harvesting of Magnetic Power-Line Noise IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 47 10 4441-4444 10 2011
K. Tashiro, A. Matsuoka, and H. Wakiwaka Simple-Box-9 coil system: A novel approach to design of a square coil system for producing uniform magnetic fields Materials Science Forum 670 275-283 2011
Midori Okumura, Takehiro Imura, Noriyuki Kamo, Akira Sugawara and Tadashi Takano Theoretical and Experimental Study on a Partially Driven Array Antenna with Simplified Dipole Elements IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation 2 7 696-703 3 2008
A. Thunvichit, T. Takano and Y. Kamata Ultra Low Profile Dipole Antenna with a Simplified Feeding Structure and a Parasitic Element Trans. of Institute of Electrocnics, Information and Communication and Communication Engineers 89-B 2 576-580 2006
T. Takano, N. Kamo and A. Sugawara Simplification of an Array Antenna by Reducing the Fed Elements Trans. of Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication and Communication Engineers E88-B 9 421-424 2005
Kimiya KOMURASAKI, Tatsuo NAKAGAWA, Shunsuke OHMURA, Yoshihiro ARAKAWA Energy Transmission in Space Using an Optical Phased Array Transactions of JSASS, Space Technology Japan 3 7-11 2005
Y. Kuwahara, and T. Matsumoto Experiments of Direction Finder by RBF Neural Network with Post Processing IEE Electrics Letters 41 10 602-603 2005
T.Takano, A. Sugawara and S. Sasaki System Considerations of Onboard Antennas for SSPS The Radio Science Bulletin 311 16-20 12 2004
Y. Kuwahara, Y. Iki, K. Nagao, S. Obayashi, K. Murakami, A. Sato, S. Kawamura, M. Hata DOA/TOA Measurement of 25GHz Band for Urban Mobile Radio IEICE. Transactions on Communication E82-B 12 1974-1986 12 1999
Y. Kuwahara, Y. Matsuzawa, H. Kitahara, M. Haneishi Phased Array Antenna with a Multi-Layer Substrate IEE Proceedings H 141 4 295-298 1994
Y. Kuwahara, T. Ishita, Y. Matsuzawa, Y. Kadowaki An X-Band Phased Array Antenna with a Large Elliptical Aperture IEICE. Transactions on Communication E76-B 10 1249-1257 10 1993